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Dismantling Joint


The dismantling joint is an accessory used to support the assembly and maintenance of hydraulic equipment, especially for big diameters, on the pipeline.

The adjustable stroke facilitates the valve installation and the disassembly of the valve for its future maintenance.

Flowrates tip

It is important to note that these dismantling joints are built for valve with flanges. In case of a wafer valve, the threads must be extended!

• FLANGES: EN 1092-2

• WORKING TEMP.: Max. +70°C

• AXIAL STROKE: 0 /- 50mm

• SURFACE PROTECTION: External and internal with epoxy resin powder of blue colour RAL 5015 and 250 μm of thickness

• Tie rods made of steel and coated Dacromet

Dismantling Joint

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