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Wafer Damper Valves

BFV01-LT / BFV01-MT / BFV01-HT

Fully CNC machined for optimum resistance for heavy duty applications ! These dampers are primarily wafer design but can, if necessary, be produced with flanges, spool piece or lugg .

The valve is intended to be used as an isolating (shutoff) or control (regulating) valve in which closing is realized by turning the disc attached to the shaft in a range of 0-90°.

The valve is designed for bi-directional flow of the fluid where the tightness of the obturator depends on the design. Achievable class I - II - III according to Ansi FCI 70/2.

The valves are equiped with adjustable stuffing box and graphite braids.

Above 300°C, the valves are equiped with external bearing. It is possible to install a lantern ring in the stuffing boxes that will enable flushing and overpressure - securing a perfect tightness to atmospher in chemical applications.

The face to face of these valves are kept to the shortest pattern but can be extended on request.

Commonly used in
  • Petrochemical plants

  • Steel plants

  • Galvinized units

  • Glass and cement systems with high abrasion and temperatures

  • Pyrolizis and gazifications units

  • Power plants

  • Incinerations units

  • Boilers

  • Biomass plants

  • Heat recovery units

  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) units.

  • Exhaust, smoke flue, flue gas

  • Industrial process burners

Product properties:

range of diameters: Ø 50 mm – Ø 2 000 mm (and other sizes on request)

Connection to duct:

• betwen flanged PN2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16 (acc EN1092-1)

Design and working parameters:

• design pressure < 0,5 bar

• design pressure < 3,0 bar (with PED Directive)

• design temperature -30°C do +1050 °C (max up t o 1100ºC)

Actuator connection:

• according to ISO 5211

• adapted to work with customer actuators or on site actuators


• Carbon steel elements: 1 layer Thermal coating.

• Stainless steel elements: acid treatment and passivation

• other on request, all painting systems acc. to EN ISO 12944, sy stems C2 up t o C5 - industrial/marine

Applicable directives:

• Declaration of C onformity in c ompliance with Machinery Directive

• CE Directive

• Declaration of C onformity in compliance with EU Directive

• ATEX Directive (all g roups and z ones)

• PED Directive

Tightness class:

• possible class I, II and III ac c. to FCI 70-2 (ex ANSI B16.104)

Wafer Damper Valves

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