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Tilting Check Valve With Counter Weight


Tilting valves are installed in pumping systems to prevent backflow. The double eccentric design allows for very fast opening at low pressure. This also makes it suitable for systems with frequent flow and pressure variations.

The adjustable lever/counterweight system allows for adjustment of the closing speed. All internal parts are made of stainless steel or epoxy coated 250 microns.

Flowrates Tip

Our shaft is trapezoidal : it enables a better positioning and the possibility of exchanging on-site the counter weight from the left to the right.

Flowrates Tip

Upon request, it is possible to provide this check valve with a protection cover for more safety

- From DN 100 to DN 1800.

- Low head losses.

- Maintenance free.

- Complete sealing (double eccentric arrangement of disc).

- Mounting horizontally or vertically.

- Bearings self lubrificated.

- Operation with or without counterweight.


• COATING : Fusion bounded epoxy coating 250 microns


- Maxi working pressure: 10, 16 bar (for others pressures consult us).

- Maxi temperature: 90°C.

• TESTING : Test procedures are established according to EN12266-1


- Flanged EN1092-2 PN 10, PN 16, ISO 2531, DIN 2501.

- Face to face according to NF EN 558-1 serie 14, DIN 3202/1 serie F4.

- Design standards EN593

Tilting Check Valve With Counter Weight

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