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Heavy Duty Damper Valves With Refractory Lining


Designed for heavy duty applications and installed in major plants over Europe, its main function is for the shut-off and/or regulation of media such as air or process gas.

Its welded construction gives full freedom of customization and allows building the valves in the most accurate way to withstand the harshest process conditions.

For special high temperature applications, ceramic lining inside the body is available according to customer requirements.

Common uses
  • Dedusting of furnaces

  • Glass factories

  • Metallurgical plants for copper, zinc, lead

  • Heat recovery

  • Pyrolizis and gazification units

  • Regenerative oxidation device (RTO)

  • Organic Rankine Cycle units (ORC)

  • Cement factories

  • ...

Product properties:

range of diameters: Ø 50 mm – Ø 5 000 mm (and other sizes on request)

It is important to always specify the internal dimensions and the lining thickness (Ceramic or concreate). It is also usefull to know the lining applied on the ducts.

Connection to duct:

• by flanges acc. to DIN 24154

• by flanges acc. to PN6, PN10, PN16 (acc EN1092-1)

• custom-made acc. to customer requirements (ANSI / GOST / OTHER)

• welding-ends

• rounded flanges for fiber compensator connection

Design and working parameters:

• design pressure < 0,5 bar

• design pressure < 3,0 bar (with PED Directive)

• design temperature -30°C do +750°C (max up t o 1100ºC)

• other temperatures on r equest, possibility to use isolation, concrete or ceramic lining etc.

Actuator connection:

• according to ISO 5211

• custom-made acc. to customer requirements

• adapted to work with customer actuators or on site actuators


• Carbon steel elements: RAL 2008 as standard with epoxy primer up to 150°C above Thermal coating.

• Stainless steel elements: acid treatment and passivation

• other on request, all painting systems acc. to EN ISO 12944, sy stems C2 up t o C5 - industrial/marine

Applicable directives:

• Declaration of C onformity in c ompliance with Machinery Directive

• CE Directive

• Declaration of C onformity in compliance with EU Directive

• ATEX Directive (all g roups and z ones)

• PED Directive

Tightness class:

• possible class I, II and III ac c. to FCI 70-2 (ex ANSI B16.104)

• possible geometrical tightness from 95% up to 100% (see da tasheet Materials & S ealings)

• possible 100% tigh tness with sealing air systems (see datasheet AFT-DV-T/DB)

Heavy Duty Damper Valves With Refractory Lining

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