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Damper Valves With Sealing Air System


Damper valves type DV-T as T (tandem) or DB (double blade) execution are of welded construction and are designed as 100% tight valves to shut-off media such as air or process gas.

Due to their material selection, precise execution and control technology, these dampers are usually important components of a plant with high expectations of reliability. As such, they are subject to thorough testing, especially concerning their tightness.

Common uses
  • Flue gas desulphurisation

  • Dust extraction of furnaces

  • Utilisation of SO2, SO3, NOX

  • Air-tight sealing of production processes in smelters

  • Chemical and paper industry

  • Glass smelters

  • Non-ferrous metals smelters

  • ...

Diameter range DV-T

DN200 – DN9600 (larger sizes on request)

Design pressure

< 0,5 bar

Temperature range -20°C up to +750°C or acc. to customer request (max. working temperature up to 1100ºC)

Gland packing


(other depending on medium and temperature)

Installation of dampers

face-to-face length, working position

(acc. to customer requirements)


Depending on medium, temperature, customer reqiurements


Pneumatic quarter turn or linear actuators with accessories acc. to technical and customer requirements

Electric quarter turn actuators with accessories acc. to technical and customer requirements

Special design:

- actuating systems equipped with electric actuators, electromagnetic couplings,

hydraulic dampers (quick closing or quick opening valves for emergency modes of operation)

- actuating systems with counterweights or return springs (quick mechanical safety actuators in case of emergency – closing or opening)

Damper Valves With Sealing Air System

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